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Master of
romantic impressionism

Joseph Marx (18 kB)
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NOTE: For the original titles of the books and writings see the  German version (opens a new browser window).

(Please also note that his name is frequently being spelled Josef Marx)

  • Andreas Liess: "Joseph Marx - Life and Work" (1943, Steirische Verlagsanstalt Graz)
  • Hans von Dettelbach: "Joseph Marx - On the occasion of his 80th birthday" (1962, Steirischer Tonkünstlerbund, Graz)
  • Erik Werba: "Joseph Marx" (1964, Österreichischer Bundesverlag für Unterricht, Wissenschaft und Kunst, Vienna)
  • Dr. Andreas Holzer: Doctoral thesis about Joseph Marx (1999, Karl Franzens University, Graz)
  • Julius Bistron: "Joseph Marx" (1923, Wiener Literarische Anstalt)
  • "Joseph Marx: Reflections of a romantic realist": Collected musicological essays and lectures by Marx (1947, collected and edited by Oswald Ortner; Gerlach & Wiedling, Wien)
  • Joseph Marx: "Music - A Universal Language" (1964, Austrian commission of the UNESCO; Austria Edition, Wien)
  • "Joseph Marx - Honorary graduation and its resonance"; Collected lectures on the occasion of Marx's appointment as honorary doctor at the philosophical faculty of Vienna University on 10 May, 1947 (1948, Österreichische Staatsdruckerei, Wien)
  • Erich Schenk: "Joseph Marx - An obituary" (1966, Hermann Böhlhaus Nachf., Graz-Wien-Köln, Kommissionsverlag)
  • Thomas Leibnitz: "Austrian composers of the late romantic period - Studies on Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, Joseph Marx, Franz Schmidt und Egon Kornauth" (Tutzing, 1986)
  • Documents of the Joseph Marx Exhibition in Eggenberg Castle, organised by Graz City Museum (1957), compiled by Martin Rucker at the Saxon State Library, Dresden
  • Documents of the Joseph Marx Ceremony on the occasion of Marx's 80th birthday, organised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (1962), compiled by Martin Rucker at the Saxon State Library, Dresden
  • Several other historical and musicological documents, compiled by Martin Rucker at the Saxon State Library, Dresden
  • Online edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition
  • Numerous original Marx documents and manuscripts about his work, compiled by the Austrian National Library
  • Private letters written to and by Marx
  • Many more documents and information on Joseph Marx's life and work provided by kind and helpful experts, archivists and by the composer's colleagues and friends, also numerous details that I found in the Internet

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on TV
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by Joseph Marx

Orchestrated by
St. Esser & B. Haydin

* * * published by Universal Edition * * *

Click here for detailed info,
music samples (MP3) and score pages

October 24 and 25, 2005

The orchestra recreation - Großes Orchester Graz has performed the

(Autumn Symphony)

under the baton of the conductor Michel Swierczewski
in the Stefaniensaal in Graz, Austria

* * *   First performance since 80 years   * * *

The author of this website attended
this rare, major musical event and made available a
full report on its enthusiastic reception in Austria

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